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Custom Epoxy 
Countertops & Bartops

Are you looking for a high-end two part epoxy coating that is more beautiful than natural stone or tile yet easier to clean and maintain?
The resurfacing system we use is the modern way to receive a one of a kind countertop or bartop for your home or office. What customers enjoy most about these countertops is the lifetime durability and benefits competing products do not offer. Because the epoxy we use is heat resistant up to 500 degrees, non-porous, seamless and scratch resistant, there is no need for continuous maintenance and upkeep for your countertop, making them completely food safe, unlike many popular materials such as granite, marble, soapstone and tile.
There is no need to worry about a messy or time-consuming installation process. Our trained professionals will be able to install the perfect countertop or bartop for your kitchen or bathroom or office within a week.

Unique Designs

We can customize countertops to match your kitchen or bathroom

Looks like natural stone

Lifetime Durability

UV Resistant

Scratch & Stain Resistant

Heat resistant up to 500 degrees

Seamless & Easy to Clean

Quick Installation

No need to tear your kitchen apart

Go over existing tops, even tile

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